03 January 2016

How to make Vector style portrait in Photoshop

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Hello Everyone. This is a post in my blog after long time. I made a video tutorial describing how to make digital sketch of any picture in photoshop. It is very easy and requires less time to do it. Here you go.


19 January 2015

How to create a bootable pendrive on Windows

Hello guys. This post is for guys who are new to installing an OS using a USB drive. It's simple. Just follow below.

Bootable Pendrive :
A pen drive which we can use to boot an operating system. Live USB means, you dont even have to install the OS to use, you can directly plug it and use the OS normally.

Things needed:
  1. USB drive :  We need a pendrive to make it bootable and install an OS using that pendrive. If you're going to install a linux based operating system minimum size of pendrive must be 2GB, 4 GB is better to use. If you are going to install a windows operating system using pen drive, then its better to use 8GB pendrive.
  2. ISO image : This is the ISO image you download from the internet for installing the OS. Look in the internet, linux based operating system are free to download.
  3. Software : We need a software which makes the normal pendrive into a bootable pendrive. There are many softwares , but i mostly use RUFUS and its free to download. Its 600 kb only.
Rufus :  click here to download.

Process :
  1. Insert the pendrive.
  2. Run the software as Admin.
  3. Make sure you have set the correct settings.
  4. Select ISO from the list.
  5. Choose the ISO which you want to install.click open.
  6. Click start. Within few minutes, the process would be completed.
  7. Now you are ready to boot from pendrive.
Happy Booting !!


26 November 2014

Suggesting Friends To Themselves Using Facebook Social Toolkit

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Ever got a friend request from yourself ? then you must be wondering how you got it. If not , you must be in a search to find how to do this.
Its just an extension in google chrome. Now you can start pranking your friends with this new trick.
Here is a video tutorial for pranking ! :D


02 October 2014

How to install Windows 10

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Well , The latest buzz about Microsoft is its latest operating system "Windows 10". As they say , It is only a technical preview. It may be having many bugs or crashes. So, Its not best to install it on primary machine which you use daily.

So, we must prefer to install "Windows 10" on a virtualization software like Virtual Box or VMWare. I'm going to tell you how to install it in Virtual Box. Lets proceed for installation.

Things to have :

1. Virtual Box. click here to get it for free. Install it.
2. Windows 10 Technical Preview. Click here to get it for free.
3. A little patience. As it may take a little longer time to install.

Steps :

1.Start the virtual box. click NEW and Give the OS a name anything you like. I named it WINDOWS 10.
and the Version to be WINDOWS 8.1. As i downloaded the 64 bit version. i chose win 8.1 (64 bit).

2. Select the options as shown below.

3. After setting up everything. Start the VM. it would load the installation screen. proceed normally as you like.

4.Thats it. Now you have a Windows 10 on you computer. Have fun !

Please like and comment if you have problems installing.


30 May 2014

How to install OS X Mavericks in Virtual Box

So, Here you go guys ! The ultimate guide for installing Any type of Mac OS on virtualBox. Officially, Vbox is not yet supporting Mac os x , but unofficially, it is ! If any person is facing problem to install OS X on virtualBox , then its definetly the version of VB you are using. For newer version of VB, You dont need any guest addition or extra tools, direct install.


1. VirtualBox 4.3.12
If you have an older version, uninstall it first and download the latest version. It is 4.3.12.
Download link : https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
2. Any Mac os image file. It can be dmg or iso. I worked it our with Niresh's OS X mavericks.


1. Open the Virtual Box. From the toolbar, click NEW. A dialogue box will pop up.
For Name      : type any name
For type      : Mac Os X
For version   : The version of OS X you are installing. I chose Mavericks.

2. from the below images, continue the procedure.

3. When it is created, Click SETTINGS from the toolbar. Make sure you have these settings. 

4. After Changing the settings, Click START. A dialogue box pops and load the Image File into it and click start.

5. Press Enter. It loads. Wait for three or four minutes. 
        It may look like your pc hanged, but it works, you just have to wait.

6. Make the settings as the images below.

7. Click Install. And thats it. It took me more than one hour to install. After installation completes, just give the details like place, keyboard type, time etc.

8. And there you go ! You have an OS X on your laptop in VBox. Have fun !


20 April 2014

How to view locked profile pictures of Facebook

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Hey guys. This is a very simple trick and you dont need any software to unlock the profile picture. This works on any web browser. Just follow these steps :

  1. Right click on the profile picture.
  2. click on Open image in new tab.
  3. Remove the sub-link tags [like s160x160 or cxx.xx.xx or s320X320 or any]
  4. Hit ENTER
  5. you have the full picture now !!
Find the above words confusing? Have a look at this video.


13 April 2014

How to check Facebook recent profile visitors

Hey Guys ! There are many Apps in Facebook saying, it will tell you the recent visitors who viewed your profile. Most of such apps work by calculating how much or how many times you chat with a person. These may be fake or may not give true results.

But , There is a way to find out recent profile visitors manually.Follow the below instructions :

1. Firstly, open your profile in Facebook. And then, Right click the mouse and select View page source.

2. The Page source code will be opened in a new tab. Now, press CTRL + F to open search box, type " Friends ".

3. There will be many words like friends. But, almost near to the friends, scroll down a little to see some unique numbers.
4. Copy the unique number and paste it beside "facebook.com/ ". Then, Hit ENTER.
5.You will get the profile of the  person who visited your profile. 

And thats how its done. Have a nice day. :)